Blackberry Server MSDE and active directory authentication

Microsoft SQL Server

To all, thanks in advance,

I have blackberry server running sql msde 2000 (sp4), which is
authenticated via windows integrated with an active directory user
account. When I changed the password on said user account, restart the
mssqlserver service, it fails to start with a 560 error. I had to
changed said user account back to the old password in order for the
mssqlserver service to start. I wanted know where in ms sql msde 2000,
I needed to make the change in order for this service to start. I also
tried starting the service using local system account and it would not
start either. All help with this is greatly appreciated.


Control Panel > Services. The Service can be stopped and started from there,
and the account password can be changed there for the service.

Thanks for your response, but I did that and the service would not
start under with the new password. The only idea I did not try was to
restart the Server.


Also, there are other services that start with this same service
account (i.e. all the blackberry services,) and those start fine,
except for errors in the Apps event log because the msssqlserver
service would not start with the same user account change for some
strange reason. I am changing passwords to in AD because I am taking
over duties after someone has left and need to change passwords for
security purposes. This is my only hold up.