Counting things with SQL

Microsoft SQL Server

I have a database with a table of basket names and a table of items in those
I would like to find the size of the basket with the most items in.
I cannot figure out how to do this is T-SQL:-

for each basketName in basket
n=count(records in basketItem where
if n>nMax then n=nMax

Is there a simple way of doing it, or would it be more efficient to retrieve
the size of each basket into an array in and figure out the largest
one there?

Jens and Andrea,

That makes sense now - I was looking in the help at ALL and wondering how
that connected with the query, and "the" didn't get coloured when I typed it
into the stored procedure editor in VS.NET so I knew I was going wrong

And thank you for the link to the sample databases download. I couldn't find
it by searching just because of the sheer number of items found.