Importing existing data

Microsoft SQL Server


In vs2005 beta2 I have created a sql server data file from within vs. Is
any way to import existing access tables & data into the sql server
datafile? I have tried installed sql server 2004 developer from msdn but did
not see any enterprise manager type tools that come with sql server 2000.
What am I missing?

Looks like you have MSDE installed. MSDE will not come with any GUI tools
like Query Analyzer / Enterprise Manager / DTS. You have 2 options to
load the data from MS Access.

1. Install SQL 2000 Tools and use DTS tools to load the data from access.
But you need to purchase sql server license

2. From access export the data to text files and in SQL server (OSQL) use
BULK insert to load the data in sql server database. You could also
use BCP IN to load the data

SQL Server MVP