MSDE 2000 SP3a Won't install on 2003 server

Microsoft SQL Server

I hope someone has seen this... I have a 2003 server that refuses to install MSDE 2000 SP3a. The install goes to 99% complete, then rolls back and automatically uninstalls. I have seen this in the past when file and printer sharing is not installed or insufficient permissions, but this time it has me stumped. Event viewer is useless, it just reports that the install failed and doesn't give any reason. No error logs get created, no errors come up, the install just won't take. I have sucessfully installed MSDE 2000 on other 2003 servers and have never had this much trouble. I have a verbose install log available from the install if anyone wants to look at it. Any ideas?

search for
in your install log... it usually reports where the problem is
Thanks for the reply... I did locate a spot with Return Value 3. From the
log file:

Starting custom action InstallSQLAgentSecurity
InstallSQLAgentSecurity failed (FOX,LocalSystem,87).

Any thoughts on this?
please have a look at if can help solving your