MSDE Instances

Microsoft SQL Server

Hello everyone. After finally getting MSDE installed, I
am having trouble with instances. At bootup the instance
that is loading is the wrong one, and is not working. The
instance that is loading is just "computername," and I
need "computername\instance" to load. I have checked the
registry for the other instance and it is not there. The
only place I can find this instance is when I open the SQL
Server Service Manager and click the drop down menu for
server. When I select the "computername\instance" from
the drop down menu everything works fine, it is just
initially it loads a defective instance. Anyone have any

hi Chris,

Just a question.... to understand...
you do have 2 MSDE instances installed....
a default instance and a named instance... please verify that both (or the
instance you are interestd in) services are set to start at bootstrap,
inspecting the Windows services manager (control panel->administrative
tools->services).. startup has to be "Automatic"...

why the default instance is not working?
Hi, and thank you for the reply. Sorry that I did not
make this more clear to begin with. No, I do not have two
instances installed, and I don't want two instances
installed. I guess somewhere in the middle of all the
trouble I had installing MSDE it created some kind of
bogus instance. All the readings I have read say that a
default instance in the registry will be located under
MSSQL Server and a named instance will be under Microsoft
SQL Server. I have deleted the MSSQL Server key and then
everything works fine until I reboot, then the key is re-
created. I can log off and back on after the key is
deleted and it works like it is supposed to.

When I open SVRNETCN.exe it says that I have two instances
1.) computername
2.) computername\instancename

I cannot find a way to get rid of "computername" and that
is the way that it is loading by default.

Let me know if you need more info and I hope I made it a
little more clear.

that both (or the
at bootstrap,
MSDE 2000 a visual
hi Chris,

ok... you do have 2 MSDE instances installed =;-D
a default instance, and a named instance named "instancename"....
and both of them shoul'd run at startup as this is the default setting
(please verify checking the services management tool)
and please do not delete registy keys that easy, becouse, as someone
elsewhere stated:

so SQL Server Service Manager should list both instances, and both should be
if you want to remove an MSDE instance, you should find an entry in the
Add/Remove programs applet, and please use that...
if you want to "manually" remove an MSDE instance,;EN-US;Q290991 Knowledge
Base article explains exactely the tasks to be performed as;en-us;320873 does...
the second article uses a tool from the Platform SDK, Msizap.exe, which can
clear the Windows Installer entries too...