MSDE refuses to install on Server 2003

Microsoft SQL Server


I'm trying to install some apps onto one of my server 2003 boxes, on one
server it all goes fine, on the other however the msde installations all
give up and rollback I just get errors in the event logs that state that the
installation failed. Any ideas? It won't even let me install the vanilla
MSDE 2000 rel A on with the default options.

The only installed version of sql/msde appears to be the default Active
Directory stuff. Help!

hi Jonathan,
please add the
/L*v "c:\MsdeLog.txt"
parameter to your call to the setup.exe boostrap installer of MSDE... this
will enable verbose logging of the installation process, resulting in an
about 2mb text file (for a succesfull installation) you can inspect for
entries, indicating problems..
about 10 lines before each entry some (sometime cryptic) description of the
problem will be reported..