Side by side install of MSDE and SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server

My app needs to support both SQL Server and MSDE. So on my SQL Server box, I
just installed a new instance of MSDE, named MacName\MSDE, so that I can
test my app against both SQL Server and MSDE.

Question. Given that the machine is fully licensed for SQL Server, is the
MSDE instance actually an MSDE instance (that is constrained by the
limitations of MSDE), or is this actually just another SQL Server instance
named MSDE? (Frankly, in Enterprise Manager, except for the name of the
instance, I'm hard pressed to see any difference between the default SQL
Server instance and the MSDE instance.)

Thanks for your advice.

- Joe Geretz -
The SQL Server license is just that, a license. It doesn't provide additional functionality to MSDE. MSDE will still have the same 2GB size limitations etc. However, if you detach a db from MSDE and attach it to the SQL Server Instance (on the same box) you'll not have the MSDE limitations. Why is this so? MSDE is using a separate sqlservr.exe file than the SQL Instance. Not being able to see the difference between the two instances via EM is by design. This allows people to develop in MSDE and "upsize" to SQL Server (eg when you app becomes important to your enterprise) without code changes. To reproduce this behaviour, populate your MSDE db with 2GB of data until it becomes full and stops accepting connections (it should appear as "suspect" through EM). Then stop the MSDE service, attach the mdf+ldf files to the SQL Instance (everything should now look "normal").