msde concepts

Microsoft SQL Server

I'm familiar with ms access, but not with msde and ms adp type projects.

Is the adp file similar to a frontend in access and the sql server tables
the backend so I would distribute the adps to the workstations.

If so, how do I link to the sql server from another workstation.

Is there a url where I can learn this type of thing?
No guarantees on this one, but I think it should help:

If there is an MDSE installation on a workstation and you create an ADP
front-end to access it, you should simply be able to distribute that ADP to
the other users and as long as they can 'see' the MSDE installation, then
their copy of the ADP should be connected to the original data.

through the options in that dialog box. The Server Name should be the
computer name that hosts the MSDE.

Todd C
Thanks! Got it.